Black Privilege Lyrics:

You see we took the sun and wore it as art and that right there is Black Privilege.

Black privilege, dates all the way back to working in the village, working in conditions where they called us nothing but field niggas

Freedom masa never thought of… Had us wading in the water,

Swinging low sweet chariots, thanks Harriet, I’m trapped no longer

Strange fruit on trees,

Water brought us down to our knees

Martin King had a dream

Shabazz spoke by any means

Necessarily we rose up, put our fist up, and they choked up…in all black we post up….Black power…and we woke up…

Surviving the worst adversity, it’s a crime to be as dark as me, SoRHOr Sandra, couldn’t stand ya, Trayvon wanted skittles and tea

Appropriation is inappropriate I’m not your personal commodity,

just don’t forget the history when you paint your face as dark me…

Physical mental and spiritual…you wish you could be so lyrical, and versatile

And our dance moves is a miracle….

The darker the hue the doper the cool…when you see a queen you know what to do…

Excel ‘ in school where they fool you low numbers represent you, your history month concerns you…. And professors don’t look like you…

Always create the impossible Madame CJ with the hot comb Latimer gave us light and Boykin gave us heart control…

Shields Takes home the stolen gold, black privilege cannot be sold.

2016 and we still out here…poison our city cause legionnaire we’ll make the signs and provide the care..

While replacing, structures everywhere black privilege.

Chorus: I think that you might have black privilege