Jasmine Shantel Clark, Flint, MI

Strong. Intent-ful. Intelligent.

What I love to do is educate others. I also love to engage in meaningful conversation.
Black Privilege is…
Black privilege to me is acceptance of what it is to be black. Embracing melanin in all forms while simultaneously rejecting forces formed against us. It is awareness and consciousness and excelling as a people.
I show my black privilege by striving to be the best me that I can be. This includes working towards attaining higher education to be a model for my younger black brothers and sisters to let them know it’s not where you come from, it’s how hard you work to get where you’re going. I also advocate for healthy mental health for all individuals especially those living in the city of Flint.
Β I would like to promote is Mental Health First Aid or MHFA (youth and adult). I believe mental health is important. Everyone experiences crisis and a large percentage of people are affected by mental illness. It is time for people to stop acting as if mental illness doesn’t exist and stop blaming people for mental illness. It is something that needs to be confronted. Participants learn to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness and learn an action plan to help people in crisis and non-crisis situations. The classes are one day, 8 hour certification courses and are currently offered for free.
To sign up people can call Genesee Health System Training Dept at:

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