Jamal Leon Joyner, Washington DC

God. Fearing. Brother.

I love working with technology and protecting people I love.

Black Privilege is…

Black Privilege means to me fighting for what is right as people. Not being judged just based on the color of a person’s skin color. Also, getting to know our roots because we have a great history behind us since the beginning of time. It’s time to let our youth know that being black is God’s greatest gift.

I show off my #blackprivileges through my knowledge and perseverance. I graduated from a University (Wayne State University). A school with the lowest graduation percentage rate for black men in the United States of America. By entering a technical field that has very low representation of black men. At my precious internship with Thyssenkrupp,

I was the FIRST black man to be on the IT team for that company.


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